Thursday, February 26, 2009

crazy saturation

oldies from the past couple years. Hard to believe this is what I used to come up with, but its nice to look back on it all and see what a transgression ive gone through. Included is Fried Eustice Tilley, and an animal renderring.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

still life from vacation

A random fart for fun and helping a my friend Ben with his color theory/renderring abillity for a few hours over winter vacation. first still life ive done in about a year, and it felt amazing to just piece the objects together. I messed up a tad with the halo around the lemon, but otherwise I enjoyed the time that was spent. Drapery, glass, and metal are some of the most difficult things to paint so it was quite a challenge.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Grey Squirrel and color study

A Grey Squirrel, from photo referance obviously..done between the end of July and the beginning of september of last year before classes began. Probably spent about 20-30 hours total on it and there were a few screw ups in between as usual. This Faux finishing technique with acrylic allows for intense renderring but also the opportunity to distance myself away from the actual photo and become more expressive in many ways just by simply pulling out values. My next logical step is being selective of which parts to keep of the color sketch for the next renderings. Sorry for the headless and footless will be completed shortly.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tate Publishing Competition

Although this was a failed concept for an editorial assignment for last semesters Senior Thesis class, It luckily found a place in the Tate Publishing Illustration Competition which came to me as a massive shock. Some of the levels are alterred in photoshop and a touch-up on the nose, but other than that I felt great about this painting. Dry brushing the ink on felt great since I hadn't used the technique since Illustration 3, but it didn't give me problems. I have this thing for glowing veins..

sketchbook keepers

these are done inside various sketchbooks throughout the years. Some are better renderred than others, some are loose...either way, they are some of my favorites. starting from the bottom-a 20 minute drawing of my stepfathers coworker done on new years eve 2008 I think. Above is a man I met over this past summer named John. He liked to do timed drawings so I set a clock for 20 minutes on my cell phone and we went at it, getting to know him was wonderful and I still draw once in a while with him. The last above that is a portrait page with Jenna Barbieri, Logan Faerber, and Kate something? either way..I screwed her up, wasn't able to do her justice. I was happy with Jennas likeness though. expect more of these pages soon I have them lying around on my computer.