Wednesday, February 18, 2009

sketchbook keepers

these are done inside various sketchbooks throughout the years. Some are better renderred than others, some are loose...either way, they are some of my favorites. starting from the bottom-a 20 minute drawing of my stepfathers coworker done on new years eve 2008 I think. Above is a man I met over this past summer named John. He liked to do timed drawings so I set a clock for 20 minutes on my cell phone and we went at it, getting to know him was wonderful and I still draw once in a while with him. The last above that is a portrait page with Jenna Barbieri, Logan Faerber, and Kate something? either way..I screwed her up, wasn't able to do her justice. I was happy with Jennas likeness though. expect more of these pages soon I have them lying around on my computer.

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