Thursday, March 18, 2010


So this evening I was paid the kill fee for the sketch progress of the iphone game application which I was thrilled about, although afterward Andre and his company UNIPLAY changed their mind for something less detailed. Initially, Andre said he loved the graphic and thought it was finished to his specs, but the content didn't pass by his higher-up's as well. As Many of you know, less detailed is a challenge to overcome; one that sometimes means I don't meet the criteria well enough and unfortunately redoing the project is what must be done. Simply another learning experience for a young Illustrator along the great road so this is what I leave you with. It may not be the most unique in terms of minimal cartooning and stylizing, but it fit the modern look of today's urban motifs they were searching for. Just to much detail.

In other news, the front cover of the Children's Book made it into Tate Publishing's 2010 National Illustration Competition so it can get some decent exposure there amongst the ranks thankfully. I am proud to be amongst other hard working image-makers such as Corinne Reid and Erin Miller back at Montserrat, huge congrats to them! 2 spots ahead on me, well done!

2 more weeks will mark the near finishes for all 3 new bird renderings and an older, more expressive painting to pop up and surprise many. Stay tuned folks...

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