Thursday, April 1, 2010

so close

The blue jays progress will be up this evening when the blogger uploading device decides not to go apesh!t on me here at RCI. All 3 are so close to their final stage so I will make a frame shop trip down the street today to get the measurements done. April 24th is the deadline so I feel fine about the amount of time it will take to come up with business cards, prints, etc. I also have another summer show coming up at Peter Coe's Gallery , where my older senior work will be on display for sale in Barnstable where business is blooming during springs/summer. There will also be another Children's Book commission going on this summer that I just received from another person looking to self publish. The job will range from 3000+ dollars and another contract for royalties, as it will be a series of book's with 30 or more pages. thanks to all of my friends who have given feedback on the paintings!


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  2. No problem, Derek showed me the bluejay once but I don't remember how it looked exactly, can't wait to see it. I've been coming back here quite a few times to see if you've put it up haha...