Monday, October 19, 2009

It's Here

Finally, 2 highlights from the Childrens book I've been laboring over during the summer and early fall. It feels relieving to know that my name will be printed on the cover of a book, even if it is for someone else's self published story. The project paid 800 dollars for 7 full color Illustrations displaying the closest thing to any type of "style" I've produced other than my natural science work. As shown above, the story is titled "The Witches that Saved the Dogs", a jam-packed story about 2 girls named Hortense and Esmerelda who have their puppies(Waggy-Tail, and Princess) kidnapped by an evil witch. Throughout the story, Hortense and Esmerelda must discover their own magical powers in order to save their beloved puppies.
One of the issues I had after reading over the text was that there were plenty more scenes that could have been executed, but would have cost the authors more than the 800 dollars they had available for me.

Another issue was the formatting I was confined to for each painting. No landscape at all, only portrait format and 8.5' x 11' inches. Because of these limitations , most compositional elements rely on warped views and tend to follow the same sizing in terms of hierarchy in content and where I put the most detail. These aspects give a majority of the pages a sense of consistency, but also a slight hint of forced feeling. The remainder of the successful ones are coming!

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